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N2N services, Inc., is a leading provider of secure and holistic cloud integration for higher education systems of all sizes. N2N’s flagship product, Illuminate, is an iPaaS that enables turnkey SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premises application and data integration. Illuminate’s intuitive approach enables customers to create, manage, secure, and monetize APIs, and build bridges between two APIs without any need for programming and additional infrastructure.

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The challenge

As a turnkey cloud integration platform in the higher education space, cybersecurity is critical for N2N Services. They are held to a high standard for security, privacy, and accountability considering that they move highly sensitive and regulated student information through the educational technology ecosystem, which consists of applications that typically run on open and widely accessible networks. 

Considering the level of care N2N Services must provide when handling this sensitive information, they decided to pursue a SOC 2 assessment to help validate to their customers that their organization complied with requirements relevant to security, confidentiality, privacy, and more. N2N Services Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Joel Dunn knew that a SOC 2 assessment would require an external review of their network and Illuminate application and decided to choose NetSPI. Joel was confident he had found a competitively priced penetration testing service offering that would be able to deliver the quality external network penetration testing and web application penetration testing they needed done.

Why N2N Services selected and continues to work with NetSPI

  1. NetSPI’s PTaaS platform, Resolve, is a secure, central platform: Throughout the penetration test process, Joel and his team can log in and see if there are any findings requiring their immediate attention. In the time between the initial penetration test and the follow up test, they can go in and view the results to move forward with remediation steps. “NetSPI has made our lives easier by providing this in one place that’s encapsulated so that we’re not sending sensitive information through email or having to worry about encrypting files. It provides a central platform that allows us to get the information we need in a timely fashion,” said Joel.
  2. The NetSPI team is responsive, flexible, and easy to work with“My experience working with the project management and technical testing teams is that they’re easy to find, they answer their emails in a timely fashion, they are flexible about meeting schedule changes, and things of that nature,” Joel shared, “We feel that they understand us, they understand our application, and we understand the process that they’re going to undertake to do the test that we need to have done. It’s really like a partnership relationship.”
  3. Year-over-year results at the touch of a button: Through NetSPI’s Resolve platform, the N2N Services team can view not only the results from current penetration tests and web application pentests, but it also displays the previous year’s results and allows users like Joel to view all of the historical testing data in a longitudinal fashion.

Considering working with NetSPI? Here’s what Joel would tell you

“I’ve been very happy with the relationship that we’ve had with NetSPI since we started using them for our external network penetration testing and web app penetration testing. We feel that NetSPI has become an integral part of our annual process of going through the SOC 2 attestation.

I would recommend anyone who is considering developing a relationship with an external penetration testing partner or web app security testing partner to consider NetSPI. They’ve been flexible, adaptable, they’re responsive, and we feel that the work that they have done is quality work that has helped us to continually improve and keep our product safe and secure.”