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Mission Fed Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial cooperative dedicated to serving the financial needs of San Diego. It provides savings accounts, loans, eServices, insurance, and more.

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The challenge

Today, most banks and credit unions offer web and mobile applications that provide online banking services and enable remote customer-staff interactions. Generally, application security tests are conducted on a pre-determined cadence or towards the end of the application development lifecycle.  In today’s cybersecurity landscape, application security is a priority and needs to be continuous and involved throughout the entire scope of any given project and lifecycle.

As Mission Fed began a new relationship with a third-party application partner, it sought outside expertise to ensure the security and reliability met the highest standards and expectations of its members. After evaluating several providers, Mission Fed Information Security Manager Ferdi Balagtas chose to partner with NetSPI for application penetration testing.

Why Mission Fed chose NetSPI

  1. The team’s engagement and interest: Ferdi took note of how engaged NetSPI was during the initial conversations with Mission Fed. The NetSPI team showed a willingness to continue supporting Mission Fed’s security efforts beyond the web and mobile application pentesting engagements.
  2. The quality of deliverables: Ferdi acknowledged the quality of deliverables from NetSPI’s penetration testing engagements. Through the Resolve™ penetration testing and vulnerability management platform, Mission Fed can see vulnerability findings in real-time and review the results of every engagement in a single, dynamic platform.
  3. Pricing model: NetSPI’s pricing model stuck out to Ferdi. He appreciated that it focused on functional elements instead of hours, and remediation testing is included in the pricing.

Considering working with NetSPI? Here’s what Ferdi would tell you

“What stood out early on is how engaged NetSPI was in the process. Many people on the initial calls showed an added interest in winning our business, which continues today, even after we signed the contract. It is important to choose partners that show a willingness to work with you, not just provide a service. Due to shifting priorities, we asked NetSPI to move up an engagement two months in advance, and they delivered!  That is just one of many examples of how NetSPI continues to go above and beyond.”

“The quality of NetSPI’s deliverables also stood out to me. I liked that the pricing model is functional elements and that they conduct an extensive walk-through of the application before the engagement. And the fact that remediation testing is included in NetSPI’s pricing is huge. That is not something you commonly see from other penetration testing companies.”