About Copytalk

Copytalk is a leading transcription service engineered to meet the financial service industry’s uniquely rigorous standards of accuracy, privacy, and efficiency in documenting client meetings and calls, especially with Reg BI coming soon. The stakes are high: Even advisors who beat Warren Buffet’s returns would be fired if they breached the privacy of client conversations or if their meeting notes showed a tendency to misplace decimal points.

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The challenge

“Cyber security is a dynamic, constantly evolving field – what is good today is not necessarily good tomorrow,” said Baird Juckett, Executive Director, VP of Technology at Copytalk. Not only are the threats and technology continually changing, but also Copytalk services and features continue to evolve and grow. “Copytalk primarily serves the wealth management and financial services industry. The firms we serve have very stringent regulations they need to comply with, including the SEC, FINRA, HIPPA, fiduciary standards and beginning June 2020, Reg BI, as well as other regulations,” said Maree Moscati, CEO of Copytalk. “As such, the security protocols demanded of us from our clients are very stringent. The nature of our business and customers makes cyber security that much more critical.”

Why Copytalk chose NetSPI

  1. A recommendation from another NetSPI customer, a financial services organization: Copytalk works largely with financial services organizations, one of which recommended NetSPI for penetration testing (pen testing). From Juckett’s experience, a number of their customers that are large, financial services organizations conduct a lot of due diligence around the vendors that they work with. The fact that NetSPI has been endorsed by one such firm gave them confidence in NetSPI.
  2. NetSPI’s attestation offers credibility: In addition to wanting to substantively improve their security posture, Copytalk needs an attestation that is recognized and useful from a business perspective. The attestation NetSPI provides is recognized as legitimate by Copytalk clients, typically large financial services organizations.
  3. Manual testing and domain expertise: Copytalk has a series of automated tools that they use and that do bring value, but they really wanted domain expertise that could intelligently introspect their environment and find hidden vulnerabilities. While Juckett has full confidence in their technical team, Copytalk wanted a third-party perspective from experts in pen testing and this was NetSPI’s “bread and butter.”

Considering working with NetSPI? Here’s what Copytalk would tell you

“I fully expect – and have seen – that NetSPI will find vulnerabilities that even with commitment and diligence, we may miss. We were impressed by the rigor NetSPI brought to our pen testing,” said Juckett.

“After just one year of working with NetSPI, they have certainly improved our external-facing posture. NetSPI made substantive suggestions that have helped us be more secure.”

“Having a third-party perspective is always useful, especially in this case where pen testing is NetSPI’s domain of expertise. I’ve been through multiple pen tests over the years, and I’ve been very pleased with the breadth and depth of the work NetSPI has done for us and the ease of reporting and reviewing of results.”