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NetSPI Solutions

Attack Surface Management (ASM), Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), Proactive Security



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Chubb’s journey with NetSPI

Vice President of Cybersecurity Services Mike Croy first began working with NetSPI years ago to perform penetration testing on Chubb’s network environment. Now, the relationship has expanded into a partnership between Chubb and NetSPI, aiming to help improve the security posture and underwriting outcomes of Chubb’s clients.

Mike explained, “One of the challenges that we face as a cyber insurer is we’re always looking for a better way to assess risk of our insureds and potential insureds.”

Cyber Intelligence Officer Craig Guiliano also knows the value NetSPI can bring to Chubb’s policyholders, explaining, “We’re excited to partner with NetSPI and use their Attack Surface Management platform to help us better identify vulnerabilities and other security issues that can lead to claims for our policyholders.”

Mike shared that the benefit to Chubb clients doesn’t stop at ASM, “NetSPI is performing on-demand penetration tests for some of our insureds as part of the underwriting process for their renewals.”

Why Chubb and NetSPI make a successful pairing

  1. High quality results: “We’ve found that ASM provides more accurate results, more complete results based on known exploited vulnerabilities and other security issues that can be remediated before they lead to a claim,” Craig stated.
  2. Cyber resiliency: Based on Chubb’s own experience working with NetSPI, Craig shared, “NetSPI is exemplary at penetration testing, dynamic application security testing, and Breach and Attack Simulation. Bringing these products and services to our policyholders can help them stay resilient throughout the lifecycle of their policy.”
  3. Sharing the security benefits: Craig knows the value NetSPI can bring to others, explaining, “We’re excited to extend the same security benefits NetSPI has afforded Chubb to our policyholders at preferred rates.”

Considering working with NetSPI? Here’s what Craig and Mike would tell you

“By partnering with NetSPI, we feel like we are offering a better service for our policyholders both at the time of underwriting and through the lifecycle of their policy.”

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Nuspire partners with NetSPI to safeguard customer trust  

Lewie Dunsworth
Chief Executive Officer, Nuspire

“What makes NetSPI an effective proactive security partner is their focus on innovation. We at Nuspire are very forward thinking. And when you sit down with the strategists at NetSPI, the way that they’re thinking about evolving their platform, the way that they’re thinking about the future, they’re going to innovate products and services that are cutting edge. So, it gives us a sense of comfort that we’re partnering with someone that’s going to be there for the long haul.”


Medtronic works with NetSPI to identify and protect its network perimeter

Nancy Brainerd
Senior Director and Deputy CISO at Medtronic

“Working with the NetSPI team, it’s been a great experience. We consider them to be almost an extension of our own team – they understand our attack surface, and it feels like they are genuinely concerned about making sure they find the holes, vulnerabilities, and gaps to protect us.”


Gong saves time with integrations in NetSPI Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Mike Siegel
Offensive Security Staff Engineer at Gong

“The reason we’ve reengaged with NetSPI for a test coming up this summer is that they’re very easy to work with. We enjoy The NetSPI Platform and not having to manually track tickets or create spreadsheets. We think NetSPI did a good job last year and we anticipate the same for this year.”