Ready to start your career in cybersecurity?

NetSPI University (NetSPI U) is a full-time, paid training program that equips you with hands-on education in a supportive environment to accelerate your career in penetration testing.

What you can expect at NetSPI U

During the six-month training program, you’ll gain a baseline skillset to execute web application pentests, setting a foundation for growth in the penetration testing industry.

NetSPI U features classroom-based learning, hands-on labs, and opportunities to shadow some of the most brilliant minds in cybersecurity. You’ll also have the ability to contribute to new and innovative tools, techniques, and methodologies.

NetSPI U across the globe

North America

  • United States
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Lehi, Utah
    • Portland, Oregon

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

  • London, United Kingdom


  • Pune, India
NetSPI U was an incredible experience that both gave me the best possible foundation for pentesting and introduced me to an amazing work culture.

NetSPI U gave me the knowledge and tools to succeed in my career.

I found the big strength of the program was the amount of support made available to us. Our lecturers were always happy to provide additional one-to-one support, in addition to having a dedicated mentor to help us through the more difficult spots.

FAQs about NetSPI U

How can I apply to NetSPI U?

Keep an eye on our careers page for the latest job openings, or email us at to share your resume.

Who are the NetSPI U instructors?

Learn from some of the brightest minds in penetration testing and proactive security including:

Is NetSPI U a paid opportunity?

Yes, NetSPI U offers competitive pay and benefits, giving successful graduates an opportunity to enter the exciting career of pentesting.

What is the format of the class?

NetSPI U is an extension of the classroom. The training program combines classroom-based training with hands-on lab work and shadowing/mirroring opportunities with NetSPI’s senior consultants.

I went through NetSPI U, now what?

After six months of training and evaluation throughout NetSPI U, you will be considered for a promotion to a client-facing security consultant position at NetSPI. Once promoted, these graduates join our team of world-class penetration testers securing some of the most trusted companies in the world.