NetSPI is now on the AWS Marketplace, simplifying the procurement of our attack surface management, penetration testing, and breach and attack simulation solutions for mutual customers.  

The AWS Marketplace enables companies with existing AWS contracts to purchase software and services from third-party vendors. This partnership allows NetSPI to simplify the procurement process for enterprise organizations worldwide by allowing them to purchase any of our solutions directly from the Marketplace.   

Now that we are listed on the AWS Marketplace, companies gain more visibility into our various offensive security services. Companies searching for any of NetSPI’s offerings, products, or key phrases like Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) or Attack Surface Management (ASM) will see our public listing appear.  

Companies can get the NetSPI sales cycle started by going through our Public Offer, which is a listing that someone can access via Google or searching on the AWS Marketplace. Here you will get connected with a representative that will share more information on our services, schedule a demo of our technology, and scope your engagement.  

NetSPI also offers unlimited flexibility by transacting custom engagements through the AWS Marketplace as Private Offers. Private Offers are custom scoped engagements that we create for clients based on their unique use cases and needs.  

There are two main benefits for a client to purchase NetSPI’s offensive security services via the AWS Marketplace: utilizing unused budgets and ease of procurement.  

Utilizing Unused Budgets

As companies build their annual budgets, they will dedicate a certain amount toward their AWS spend. Normally this spend is dedicated to cloud data storage. However, companies can also use this budget toward purchases in the AWS Marketplace. Often, we see companies that are nearing the end of their AWS contract with extra budget leftover. They can then go through the Marketplace to purchase any number of solutions to max out on their AWS contract commitments. In the case of offensive security testing, companies can now search, find, and use their leftover budget to purchase attack surface management, penetration testing, breach and attack simulation engagements from NetSPI. 

We also see companies that commit to large AWS contracts are given unique perks, special contract terms, and other discount benefits. One example of these perks is the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), where Amazon provides significant program discounts and incentives to enterprises that commit a specific amount of dollars toward AWS. In consumer goods, this would look like a “spend $100, and we’ll give you a $25 gift card” campaign. These remaining dollars can be used by companies to provide resources for under-funded departments or to tackle unexpected projects, such as penetration testing. 

Companies often require unexpected security resources in the middle of their fiscal year. Maybe a small- or medium-sized business decides to achieve SOC2 compliance before the end of the year, or a mid-market company experienced a data breach. In either case, if they have unused budget dedicated toward their AWS spend, they can purchase any of NetSPI’s services by transacting in the Marketplace, without requiring new budgetary approvals. This is incredibly helpful for companies that have limited budgets or have difficulty allocating funds toward new projects in the middle of their fiscal year. 

Ease of Procurement

Purchasing software via the AWS Marketplace expedites the procurement cycle by shortening finance and legal processes.  

Often, especially in the enterprise space, companies have lengthy procurement cycles for new vendors. If a company chooses to purchase from a new vendor directly, they’ll often need to go through lengthy legal contract reviews, get onboarded into financial systems, complete numerous forms, and so on. 

Instead of onboarding a new vendor, customers can purchase NetSPI via AWS directly. For companies that are already AWS customers, AWS has already been approved as a vendor in their systems, meaning they can complete their purchase quickly and simply by transacting through the Marketplace. On another note, purchasing through a single vendor also helps companies stay organized by helping them consolidate the number of companies they’re purchasing from.  

NetSPI’s joining the AWS Marketplace has helped clients simplify their purchasing cycles. Companies can now improve their security posture with NetSPI’s offensive security services by accessing unused budgets as well as shortening procurement processes via the AWS Marketplace.  

Learn how your company can take advantage of these options, contact us, or visit our page on the AWS Marketplace