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Scaling Your Security Program with Penetration Testing as a Service

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Your organization is always-on and your security should be too. Whether managing an annual penetration test or delivering and prioritizing millions of vulnerabilities, traditional service delivery methods fall short. Learn how Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) scales and operationalizes continuous penetration testing in an ongoing, consumable fashion. 

Key highlights: 

Cybersecurity risk is increasing 

Cybersecurity risk is at an all-time high and 96 percent of organizations breached don’t use basic security practices. Because of increased risk, point-in-time testing can’t be the sole method to remain secure. While annual penetration testing can be a baseline or starting time, additional measures are needed to keep up with continually expanding attack surfaces and sophisticated threat actors.   

The CISO dream state 

More than half (55 percent) of companies increased their security budgets in 2019. Given evolving threats, the ideal experience CISOs expect from security vendors includes the following elements:

  • Full confidence in coverage 
  • Access to live information and actionable findings 
  • Ease of doing business and communicating 
  • Accelerated remediation  
  • Personalized experience 
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities 

Traditional penetration testing 

Many cybersecurity vendors that have been in business for a long time tend to focus more on traditional, point-in-time penetration testing, meaning that once the engagement kicks off, they scan for vulnerabilities, provide a report, and that’s it until the time comes for another penetration test. 

Steps in traditional penetration testing include:

  • Presale 
  • Kickoff 
  • Execution 
  • Delivery 
  • Remediation  

Penetration Testing as a Service  

Rather than relying on point-in-time penetration testing, which doesn’t account for emerging vulnerabilities, new attack surfaces, or evolving threats, NetSPI provides Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS).

Through pentesting as a service, an expert penetration testing team is available for organizations as needed. This may include scoping a new engagement, parsing real-time vulnerability reports, assisting with remediation, or ensuring compliance year-round.  

Effective pentesting as a service shouldn’t simply end with sharing a PDF of results, but rather, should focus on discovering vulnerabilities, delivering results, and remediating continuously throughout the year.

Penetration Testing as a Service through Resolve™, NetSPI’s vulnerability management and orchestration platform, focuses on an ongoing approach to cybersecurity, rather than a point in time. PTaaS streamlines the pentesting process for organizations and ensures a frictionless and simplified experience through a single platform.

Learn more about NetSPI’s Penetration Testing as a Service capabilities and schedule a demo to see our platform in action.

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