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How NOT to be the Weakest Link in the Supply Chain

Supply chain security, vendor risk management, third-party security. Each of these synonymous cybersecurity terms has become widely used over the past year, thanks to the increase in the exploitation of threat vectors from outside of an organization.

So, what can software vendors and third-party technology partners do to ensure they don’t become the weak link in the supply chain?

In this webinar you’ll get two different viewpoints on supply chain security from two NetSPI Managing Directors: Nabil Hannan, who will explore the topic from the software development perspective, and Chad Peterson, who will approach it from a business risk perspective. Together, they’ll discuss:

  • Their differing views on supply chain security 
  • The anatomy of a supply chain attack 
  • Considerations and best practices for securing the supply chain  
  • How vendors can get proactive to show potential partners that they are NOT the weakest link 
  • The future of supply chain security… what’s next? 

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