Application Security
Design Review

Portfolio risk at your fingertips

Today’s application security teams are asked to do more with less. This means they need to know where to prioritize their efforts.  

Whether you have to protect a portfolio of ten applications or two hundred, NetSPI’s application security design review will help you identify which applications need the most investment and focus.

Not all application security vulnerabilities come from coding errors. 50% of application security risks come in the form of software design flaws which can’t be identified through traditional automated means.
Source: Software Security, Gary McGraw

Our consultants assess the security of your portfolio at the design level, one application at a time, identifying security control deficiencies in these areas: 

  • Input validation 
  • Output encoding 
  • Encryption at rest 
  • Encryption in transit 
  • Centralized authentication 
  • Multi-factor administrative access 
  • Transaction rate limiting 
  • Authorization  
  • Audit 
  • Sensitive data masking 
  • Error handling and logging 

Knowing where these security controls are – or are not – implemented empowers you to make strategic investments in absent or ineffective controls, and where you can leverage your own code across your enterprise. 

Leveraging the brightest minds in the industry, world-class technologies, and ability to think like real-world adversaries, NetSPI’s application security design review helps you secure your entire attack surface through:

Identifying application security risk across your portfolio 

Discovering which teams have built reusable security features and which teams need them

Supporting M&A efforts with strategic insight

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