Strategic Advisory Services

Gain a competitive edge for your organization by building a well-balanced, business-driven, mature application security program.

Strategic Advisory Services

Build an Application Security Program that Evolves with the Changing Landscape

Given how rapidly application development techniques and methodologies are transforming, companies need to ensure that their security practices are staying current with the ever-changing pressures around compliance/governance, software deployment, DevOps, SDLC, and training. Strategic advisory services help organizations understand their program’s current level of maturity and develop a data-driven plan to evolve their application security program.

Benchmark Your Application Security Program’s Maturity

During a benchmarking assessment, evaluate your application security program’s maturity against empirical data from the industry, measure and track your progress, and compare your efforts with other organizations within the same business vertical. Receive intel on the current state of your application security program with details around what is, or is not, addressing your security needs effectively.

An application security program roadmap equips application security stakeholders with a detailed plan and a realistic approach to improve the application security efforts with quarterly milestones. A formalized roadmap allows an organization to better prioritize their budgets and resource allocation while reducing overall application security risk.

Drive Your Application Security Program Using Contextualized Metrics

Having access to the proper metrics can determine whether your organization is focusing on the right application security activities. NetSPI helps clients define metrics that can easily be automated leveraging existing business processes and raw data, and provide necessary context to make effective business decisions.

Application Security Design Review

Assess the security of your applications at the design level with application security design review. NetSPI identifies security control deficiencies in input validation, output encoding, encryption at rest and in transit, centralized authentication, and much more to empower you to make strategic investments in absent or ineffective controls.

NetSPI’s threat modeling provides you with an understanding of the current level of security in your software and its infrastructure components. Use threat modeling to provide extensive, context aware remediation guidance for hard-to-fix defects in the software design, or apply it iteratively throughout the lifetime of an application to provide a constant value stream.

Strategic Advisory Resources

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