Adversary Simulation

Obtain a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment to measure your company’s ability to identify and respond to real-world threats and breach scenarios through adversary simulation. Assess detective controls, security controls, and employee training with simulated attacks.

Adversary Simulation

Red Team Operations

Black Box, Assumed Breach, and Collaborative Purple Team Engagements

A NetSPI red team engagement puts your organization’s security controls, security policies, and employee training to the test.

NetSPI works with you to understand your requirements and goals to develop a red team approach that answers the questions that are important to your business. Red team engagements can be customized to test your incident response team’s ability to identify and respond to threats.

Detective Control Review

MITRE ATT&CK and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Simulation

Detective control review allows you to benchmark your team’s capabilities to detect an intrusion and create a roadmap for ongoing cybersecurity improvement. NetSPI helps you measure your ability to identify common tactics, techniques, and procedures used by real-world adversaries through highly collaborative attack scenarios.

Variations of common attack workflows are executed across detective control boundaries.  NetSPI works with your security team to identify gaps in data sources, tooling, configurations, and security information and event management (SIEM) rules.

Ransomware Attack Simulation

NetSPI’s ransomware attack simulation engagements measure the effectiveness of your organization’s ransomware prevention and detection capabilities and identify gaps in your security program.

Work with our team to simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by real-world ransomware families. Then, leverage NetSPI’s attack and breach simulation technology to deploy the plays on your own and develop custom playbooks. It’s more important than ever to put your ransomware security initiatives to the test.

Adversary Simulation Resources

Red Team vs. Blue Team Infographic

Testing the effectiveness of detective and preventive security controls is made easier when common attack workflows are understood and broken into manageable pieces. Get our infographic that illustrates some common red team attack workflows and blue team controls to help get you started.

Red Team Toolkit (RTT)

Many components are required to conduct successful cyber operations, and even more when operational security and stealth are necessary for the success of the operation. NetSPI’s Red Team Toolkit is built to provide support and reliability to an increasingly challenging offensive landscape.

Dark Side Ops (DSO) Training

Our DSO 1: Malware Dev course focuses on the goals, challenges, architecture, and operations of advanced persistent threat (APT) tooling. And, DSO 2: Adversary Simulation highlights the combination of sophisticated red team trade craft and offensive development to simulate adversary activities.

Is your organization prepared for a ransomware attack? Explore our Ransomware Attack Simulation service.