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How to Build the Best Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Program

Building an excellent penetration testing and vulnerability management program is easier said than done. Get this guide to learn:

  1. How to make the business case for proactive cybersecurity investments
  2. How to communicate the value of data security to your leadership team
  3. Penetration testing and cybersecurity statistics and trends you can use
  4. Three cybersecurity weaknesses to look for and highlight
  5. How to position white hat penetration testers to your C-suite executives
  6. What penetration testing vendors do now that is different from in the recent past
  7. What to look for in a successful penetration tester and penetration testing provider
  8. How penetration testers can get more done in less time
  9. The roles of innovation, frequency, and consistency
  10. What is Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?
  11. What types of cybersecurity talent make the best penetration testers?
  12. Four elements of an always-on cybersecurity program
  13. How to put structure around a continuous penetration testing program
  14. How and when to make use of human logic
  15. When to rely on automation and scanners
  16. Why penetration testing data should be part of a CISO’s daily headlines
  17. Elements of success to get more value from your penetration testing and vulnerability management strategy

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