Organizations continue to struggle with accurate asset discovery on their rapidly evolving attack surface. On top of visibility, prioritization and remediation of public-facing exposures remains a top challenge for security leaders today. 

Attack surface management (ASM) solutions were developed to solve for these industry-wide pain points. But as a more recent addition to the defender’s toolkit, it continues to evolve, and more vendors are entering the already-crowded space.

With a wide range of use cases and capabilities, security leaders must determine which ASM solution is the best fit for them. GigaOm recently released their third annual Radar for Attack Surface Management to help navigate the murky waters of this market and help you evaluate the top vendors with ease. 

In this 45-minute webinar, GigaOm analyst Chris Ray joined Vimal Suba, Product Leader at NetSPI, to break down the radar report findings and discuss: 

  • ASM’s important role in strengthening your defenses 
  • How ASM solutions have evolved over the past three years 
  • The key capabilities considered table stakes, such as continuous discovery and asset inventory management 
  • Emerging attack surface management capabilities to watch for 
  • How to choose an ASM solution that fits your requirements and use cases 

Bonus: Watch through to the end to catch a demo of NetSPI ASM and see our “exceptional capabilities in asset discovery and vulnerability assessment” in action. 

Access the GigaOm ASM Radar Report now. 

Can’t wait to see NetSPI ASM in action? Explore our interactive demo.

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