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Five Tips for Managing Host-Based Security

Best Practices for Host-Based Security

Host-based security presents a large attack surface that  grows when your employees work from home or work on mobile devices. Get the 5-point checklist Tips for Managing Host-Based Security, and ensure your organization is set up for success to mitigate the risks associated with a remote workforce.

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  1. 6 questions to ask to improve host-based security before a laptop is lost, stolen, or compromised.
  2. 4 questions to ask to increase host-based security when employees access applications and desktops through VPNs and virtual desktop infrastructure, such as Citrix VDI.
  3. How to reduce the risk to Windows and Linux server security of a successful attacker.
  4. 4 questions to ask to improve z/OS mainframe security.
  5. Key topics your employee training should cover for better host-based security.

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