Validate the efficacy of security controls with a combination of technology and human intelligence.

The Challenge 

NetSPI data shows 80% of common attack behaviors are missed by EDR, SIEM, and MSSP out-of-the-box solutions.

Companies continue to spend on security products to minimize their threat exposure. However, even though security controls are in place, it doesn’t mean they’re working effectively. They may be poorly configured or have inadequate processes that are not specifically tuned to an organization’s threat landscape. Security vendors tune their products (SIEM, SOAR, XDR, etc.) to a baseline setting out of the box, but they must be tailored for efficacy. One study from TechTarget showed 39% of IT professionals surveyed claim that the cybersecurity skills shortage has led to an inability to learn or use security technologies to their full potential. Organizations spend thousands on technical security controls, only to learn the basics, and remain at risk.

The Solution 

NetSPI BAS blends technology with human intelligence to validate the efficacy of your existing security controls. NetSPI BAS allows you to leverage pre-built plays and create your own custom playbooks tailored to your environment, including specific threat actors and malware techniques, to identify detection coverage gaps in your security stack. Gain insight from our consultants and educate your SOC team to simulate real-world attacker behaviors, not just indicators of compromise, and learn from step-by-step instructions to identify and mitigate potential threats. Track and share efficacy of your security capabilities over time with comprehensive dashboards mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework as well as industry benchmarks to compare your company readiness to those of peers in your industry.

  • Evaluate security posture and attack readiness
  • Validate and fine-tune security controls
  • Strategic security planning and return on investment

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