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How to Choose the Best Penetration Testing Company: A 4-Part Guide

Choosing the best penetration testing company for your organization is an imperative security decision, one that could cost considerable budget, time, and resources if not chosen wisely. It can be a challenging decision given there are hundreds of pentesting providers vying for your business, all of which offer varying levels of service, testing methodologies, and technologies to perform penetration tests.

This four-part guide will help security and IT leaders make a clear, informed decision  and ensure they are getting the most value out of their pentesting services.

Download this eBook to gain insight on:

  1. The 10 reasons why your organization may need a penetration testing service
  2. The 10 questions you should ask pentesting companies during the RFP process – and what to look for in their responses
  3. The five overlooked use cases you should consider for penetration testing
  4. The four most important criteria for evaluating pentesting companies

How to Choose the Best Penetration Testing Company: A 4-Part Guide

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