With the acquisition of Silent Break Security, NetSPI will expand and enhance adversary simulation software and services.

Minneapolis, Minnesota  –  NetSPI, the leader in enterprise security testing and vulnerability management, today announced its acquisition of Silent Break Security, a Utah-based security testing firm which specializes in network and application testing, red teaming, and adversary simulation. Through this acquisition, NetSPI will broaden its footprint to create a complete package for offensive cyber security and attack surface management. With the integration of Silent Break Security’s manual testing team, along with their proprietary software platforms and toolsets, NetSPI will improve its ability to scale up vulnerability management programs to meet client needs.

“It’s our vision to secure the world’s attack surfaces with brilliant people and disruptive technology. The Silent Break Security team is the perfect complement to our strong culture and its software stack a natural fit for helping us drive innovation and leverage technology as a force multiplier,” said Aaron Shilts, President and COO of NetSPI. “I am very excited about the opportunity this presents our team. By leveraging the skills that Brady built in his Silent Break Security team, I believe NetSPI has an opportunity to disrupt the penetration testing industry.”

“It is rare to find two organizations that align so closely from a mission, vision, values, and culture perspective,” added Brady Bloxham, Founder and CEO of Silent Break Security. “Both organizations have cultures of high performance, innovation, and agility. Individually, NetSPI and Silent Break have been working toward many of the same goals and, now together, we will become a much greater force to be reckoned with.”

The combined NetSPI and Silent Break team will provide a complete package for offensive security through the following core strategies:

  • Industry Leading Talent: NetSPI’s expert penetration testers conduct over 150,000 hours of testing each year and deliver technical and thought leadership content to the industry. The addition of Silent Break Security’s team, many with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) experience, will position the combined company as the industry’s strongest penetration testing provider.
  • Technology Innovation: At the foundation of the acquisition is innovation through proprietary technology. Acquiring Silent Break Security and its technology –adversary simulation software (Silent Break Central), Red Team Toolkit, among other tools – with the goal of integrating these into NetSPI’s Resolve™ vulnerability management and orchestration software, will enable the company to consistently find vulnerabilities that others miss, accelerate remediation, provide always-on continuous testing, and simplify the entire testing process.
  • Focus on Training: The commitment to quality is evident in each organization’s emphasis on continuous professional development and training programs for employees and client security teams. Silent Break Security will bring its in-depth training programs on malware development, adversary simulations, and offensive machine learning to NetSPI employees and clients to complement NetSPI’s acclaimed NetSPI University employee training program.
  • Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS): The acquired technologies and expertise will allow NetSPI to optimize its core penetration testing service: PTaaS. Automated scanning, real-time reporting, and streamlined remediation processes offered through PTaaS will give the manual testing team more time to focus on the difficult, hard-to-find vulnerabilities that only humans can find. Silent Break’s software fits perfectly into our strategy to deliver always-on attack surface management giving Resolve customers the ability to run internal automated red team “plays” throughout the year.

Brady Bloxham, Founder and CEO of Silent Break Security will become NetSPI’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Silent Break Security operations and team members will remain in Lehi, Utah and throughout the U.S.

To learn more about the acquisition of Silent Break Security, connect with the NetSPI team by contacting Heather Rubash (heather.rubash@netspi.com; (612) 385-3006). Keep up to date with NetSPI’s latest news: visit netspi.com.

Watch NetSPI’s special announcement from President and COO, Aaron Shilts

Watch this special announcement from Silent Break Security’s Founder and CEO, Brady Bloxham — now NetSPI’s CTO

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