NetSPI’s Regional Director of EMEA Nick Walker was featured in TechFinitive’s “Threats” cybersecurity interview series. Read the preview below or view the full interview online.


We’re sure that Nick Walker, NetSPI‘s EMEA Regional Director, won’t be offended if we say that he’s been around. His career may “only” have started back in 2012, but he’s worked for IBM, PwC and NCC – and made significant contributions to application and mobile security in that time. He was also a successful competitor in the prestigious Pwn2Own hacking competition.

Through NetSpi, Nick now runs teams of talented security consultants and provides industry-leading guidance to C-levels and executives in high-powered businesses across the world.

In short, he’s worth listening to when it comes to all things security – and there are many takeaways from this interview. “Without a trusted and current map of all cyber assets, organisations are navigating blind in a sea of potential vulnerabilities,” he told us.

But knowing your assets isn’t enough: you need to actively test your defences. “Penetration testing should not be viewed as a one-off or annual checklist item, but rather as an integral part of a continuous security posture assessment process.”

We also discuss what’s changed in the industry – including what Nick describes as the “democratisation of knowledge” for good and bad – and what future cybersecurity professionals, those looking to break into the industry, need to do.

It’s a wide-ranging interview and we thank Nick for generously sharing his time.


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