CSO recently included NetSPI as one of the top nine breach and attack simulation (BAS) tools and vendors on the market. The detailed roundup also highlighted insights from Derek Wilson on the white-glove service customers get when they partner with NetSPI. Read the preview below or view it online


NetSPI is best known as a penetration testing company, but it can also validate controls, identify detection gaps, and provide attack surface management by detecting potential vulnerabilities in public-facing assets.

The penetration testing expertise means that NetSPI customers can get some hands-on support, says Derek Wilson, NetSPI’s principal security consultant. “Our team of experienced pen testers will get on a call and screen share with your SOC team, walking through a subset of our procedures and taking notes about the detections and preventions they see.”

NetSPI is currently using generative AI to build a prioritized recommendation feature. “We will be able to use multiple data sources and quickly identify and prioritize the individual tests that would provide the end user with the most value,” Wilson says.

Other potential uses of generative AI include dynamically generating playbooks based on the most recent threat intel for specific industries and building dynamic attack chains and helping to identify where there may not be enough coverage.

You can read the full article at https://www.csoonline.com/article/2132289/breach-and-attack-simulation-tools.html