On January 4, 2021, NetSPI Managing Director Florindo Gallicchio was featured in SC Magazine:

The pandemic transformed the workforce for organizations across all verticals, with employees quickly and unexpectedly transitioned from offices to working from home. The new year brings more complications. Vaccine distribution could mean a return to offices, but most experts expect a new hybrid model to emerge. Pile that on top of the already challenging situation posed by a supposed skills gap and efforts to improve diversity, and 2021 will introduce an array of workforce shifts across the community.

As part of our year in review, which looked at critical events during the last year and how they might influence 2021, SC Media collected predictions across a range of categories from cybersecurity experts. Here, experts offer their perspectives on the 2021 cyber workforce. 

There will continue to be more security jobs than people to fill the roles, says Florindo Gallicchio, managing director at NetSPI:

“Security leaders will be challenged by filling roles that require candidates with mid- to senior- level experience – and entry level job openings will continue to be in high demand. Because of this, companies will need to do more with fewer people. This will result in increased adoption of program-level partnerships with third parties or using vendors to fill in-house positions at scale.”

Read the full article here: https://www.scmagazine.com/home/year-in-review/from-diversity-efforts-to-pandemic-recovery-workforce-issues-will-evolve-in-2021/

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