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Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) solutions assess the effectiveness of an organization’s security posture, by mimicking real-world cyber-attack techniques. This highlights vulnerabilities that can be found within an organization, enabling them to be addressed and mitigated before a real attack can take place. The best Breach and Attack Simulation solutions can simulate cutting edge cyber-attack methodologies to provide a comprehensive report into the resilience of your cybersecurity strategy.

Breach and Attack simulations solutions typically operate in three stages. First, simulation and testing, which can involve red teaming, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, often leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK framework -a global database of cyber-criminal tactics and techniques. Second, reporting and evolution, which involves detailed insights and actionable recommendations for improving network security strategies. Finally, implementation and ongoing evolution, where recommendations are implementing, and continuous evaluations take place to mitigate any other vulnerabilities which may arise.

There are many benefits to implementing a robust Breach and Attack Simulation solution. The recommendations they can provide to improve your security strategy can massively reduce your risk of data compromise, which can be extremely expensive and hugely damaging to brand reputation. BAS tools can also be important to qualify for cyber-insurance policies, and to meet compliance criteria.

For these reasons, there has been increased demand for BAS and the market has become competitive. To help you find the right tool, we have curated a list of the top 10 Breach and Attack Simulation solutions. This guide delves into their key features, such as threat emulation, reporting granularity, and ease of integration, all based on our comprehensive market research.

NetSPI Breach and Attack Simulation

NetSPI provide a broad spectrum of penetration testing, attack surface management, and breach and attack simulation services. Their approach blends technological advancements with the expertise of global cybersecurity professionals. The company’s main office is in Minneapolis, MN, but they have a global presence with offices in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and India.

NetSPI offers a comprehensive detective control platform that allows organizations to design and execute tailored procedures. This platform, complemented by their professional pen-testers, emulates genuine attack behaviors, thereby rigorously testing detective controls. Their services help organizations fortify their defenses against threats like ransomware, data loss, fraud, and information leaks. They meticulously validate various controls such as endpoint, network, and Active Directory controls, among others. They also pinpoint detection shortcomings, from disabled or misconfigured controls to gaps in the kill chain.

Results come with comprehensive descriptions, actionable recommendations, and resource links, allowing easy comprehension and replication. Their real-time dashboards help businesses gauge their security stance, benchmark against peers, and discern their security ROI. NetSPI’s platform, combined with their expert teams and tested methodologies, equips organizations to enhance their resilience against potential threats, fostering informed decision-making and bolstering defense mechanisms.

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