On October 10, NetSPI CTO Travis Hoyt was featured in the CoinTrust article called NetSPI Unveils Blockchain Penetration Trial Services for Enterprises. Read the preview below or view it online.


NetSPI, the pioneer in corporate penetration testing and attack surface management, has introduced a new blockchain penetration testing solution that includes deployment. The business will give organizations with a complete, full-spectrum review of blockchain-based installations using its decades of penetration testing experience and knowledge of the architecture’s specific security problems.

Its blockchain penetration testing services will assess all deployment types, including private, permissioned, consortium, and public, as well as several distributed ledger technologies, such as ConsenSys Codefi, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, custodial platforms, and public chains, among others.

According to the Forbes Blockchain 50 2022, “Blockchain’s most significant advances remain concealed.” The world’s top corporations are increasingly using distributed ledger technology to conduct everyday operations, including the verification of insurance claims and the monitoring of car components across the supply chain. Organizations are becoming aware of its scalability, competitive benefits, and income prospects.

“As usage skyrockets, technology and security teams will need to rapidly grow their blockchain expertise to enable and secure these solutions – this starts with identifying and solving people, process, and technology gaps,” said NetSPI’s Chief Technology Officer, Travis Hoyt. Our new blockchain penetration testing service line reflects NetSPI’s unwavering commitment to the future, allowing our clients to do the same.

Enterprises who are actively using blockchain or exploring its possibilities may join with NetSPI to increase the security of their installations. For more information about NetSPI’s blockchain penetration testing services, please visit www.netspi.com or get in touch with us.

You can read the full article at CoinTrust!