NetSPI Reimagines Strategic Advisory Services, With a Focus on Application Security

The new offering will help CISOs and software developers/engineers navigate application security to promote cyber security program maturity.

Minneapolis, Minnesota  – Today, NetSPI, the leader in enterprise security testing and vulnerability management, revealed a new application-centric approach to its Strategic Advisory Services to help organizations gain a competitive edge through a formalized, well-balanced, business-objective driven, and mature application security program. While advisory services are not new to NetSPI, the company saw an opportunity to use its breadth of knowledge in security testing to help define and guide organizations to implement application security into broader threat and vulnerability management programs.

Through NetSPI’s Strategic Advisory Services, the company will share tangible and data-driven guidance on building or improving application security strategies and other software security initiatives. The three core functions and benefits of the new offering include:

  1. Program Benchmarking: Using real-world data, NetSPI’s program benchmarking services enable IT and security teams to evaluate program maturity against empirical data from the industry, measure and track the progress of security efforts objectively over time, compare security efforts with peers in the same business vertical, and ultimately help organizations adapt to current security best practices. Each benchmarking report will yield an evaluation of the current state of a company’s Application Security Program with details around focus areas for improvement along with areas that are currently addressing the organization’s Application Security needs effectively.
  2. Roadmap Development: Commonly performed alongside benchmarking, NetSPI’s roadmapping services define the future state of application security programs and the strategic path forward. The program roadmap will guide security stakeholders to determine the best approach to optimize application security investments by identifying unique organizational needs, leveraging established frameworks, and performing penetration tests to allow for early discovery of the types of vulnerabilities that exist while determining realistic goals and defining an appropriate timeline around key milestones.
  3. Security Metrics Development: Metrics, unlike raw data or measurements, can help answer specific business questions and help teams track progress. They are a critical component for measuring ROI of security programs, but organizations often lack the proper metrics to evaluate how application security efforts are influencing and helping achieve its business objectives. With NetSPI’s security metrics services, organizations will work with a consultant to define metrics that can be automated by leveraging existing business processes and raw data to provide necessary context to make effective business decisions.

“Given how fast application development techniques and methodologies are transforming, companies need to ensure that their security practices are staying current with the ever-evolving pressures around compliance and governance, software deployment, DevOps, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and training,” said Nabil Hannan, managing director at NetSPI. “Understanding the current level of maturity and developing a data-driven plan to evolve your application security program is key to the success of your organization’s security efforts.”

Learn more about Strategic Advisory Services from NetSPI online at Strategic Advisory or email to schedule an introductory call with Nabil Hannan, Managing Director at NetSPI.

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