ABA Banking Journal: Go Hack Yourself

On Mar. 2, 2020, NetSPI President and COO Aaron Shilts was featured in ABA Banking Journal.

Aaron Shilts, president and COO of NetSPI, a vulnerability assessment firm based in Minneapolis that works with large financial firms, says the value of penetration testing over scanning software is “that you’re adding humans to the mix,” he says. “With red teaming you act as an outside adversary.” In designing a test for a client, Shilts asks some basic questions.

“If we were bad guys, you know, what would we use to get in?” he asks. “How could we get in? What do their defenses really look like? With limited information, it’s kind of a good way to simulate how accessible the crown jewels are from the outside.” Red team projects with NetSPI typically would last about a month, Shilts says.

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