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Hudl is a pioneer in performance analysis technology, now helping more than 230k teams in 40+ global sports prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Every product, feature and tool is designed with one purpose in mind: to ensure coaches and athletes make every moment count.

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Hudl’s journey with NetSPI

With over 200,000 teams across the globe leveraging its sports video analysis tools, Hudl is always adapting to change. Whether that means entering new markets, or keeping up with ever-evolving attack vectors, it needed a partner that could help build and validate its long-term security program.

That’s why Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Rob LaMagna-Reiter sought out NetSPI’s proactive security expertise to help ensure the robust data protection for all of Hudl’s coaches, students, athletes, and content consumers.

Why Hudl and NetSPI make a successful pairing

  1. Personalized touch: Having primarily relied on NetSPI Penetration Testing as a Service, Rob had a good glimpse into the capabilities and depth of skill sets NetSPI brings to the table. He stated, “Where NetSPI excels and achieves, and why we selected NetSPI as a partner, was the personalized touch that they brought to all of our assessment and security services — it was very relationship-driven, getting to understand what our problems are and helping us align with what the business desires from a successful security program.”
  2. NetSPI listens to its customers: Rob values vendors who are attentive. “Bringing in customers for feedback helps reassure us that [NetSPI] is still mission-driven and focused on solving the right problems to try to make life easier for all of us at the end of the day,” he shared.
  3. The NetSPI team helps Hudl’s developers improve: Outside of the technical report of findings NetSPI provided, Rob finds the developer education that happens in parallel to be one of the most valuable aspects of their penetration testing engagements. He shared, “Easily single digits on the number of hours per week per developer team [saved] on education that they don’t have to go out and consume themselves. It’s immensely beneficial because now the code that is released has less defects and less issues. It helps our entire application secure code program.”

Considering working with NetSPI? Here’s what Rob would tell you

“[The NetSPI team] did a phenomenal job helping to validate some of the improvements that we’ve made have actually moved the needle. Finding a partner that understood our problem, understood our industry, and understood what we were trying to gain out of our long-term program build out, drove us to confirm NetSPI was that right partner. NetSPI is uniquely positioned to help us plug the gap between where we are and where we’re going.”