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Please note, this interview was filmed in October 2022 while Phil Morris was a NetSPI customer. He enjoyed working with our team so much that as of August 2023, Phil joined NetSPI as a Managing Director.

The challenge

As a healthcare software company with one of the largest patient databases in the world, Phil Morris and his team are part of a truly global healthcare ecosystem. They interact with many federal agencies, as well as internal and external customers and partners. As the Director, Enterprise Security Risk Governance Team, Phil places great importance on having a trusted security partner who can understand the nuances of their business and the value of the data they hold.  

On a mission to help providers and patients get better healthcare outcomes, the main reasons Phil first began working with NetSPI were for compliance and operational security. Beginning with penetration tests, they have also engaged NetSPI’s Breach & Attack Simulation services.

Why Phil Morris selected and continues to work with NetSPI

  1. Phil and NetSPI function as a team: “My program manager, account executive, the testers, senior management – we all understand the mission of what we’re trying to do,” Phil shared. He finds the NetSPI team to be flexible and willing to easily adjust to his organization’s changing priorities.
  2. Timely information and quick remediationWith NetSPI’s Resolve platform, Phil is immediately informed of any high-risk vulnerabilities that pop up. With the remediation steps NetSPI provides, Phil and his team can quickly address any potential issues.
  3. Process improvement: Phil views NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation as a tool that aids his organization’s security goals.  He explained, “I find those [Breach and Attack Simulations] really, really good because they help us to get smarter at what we’re doing, and they help us to improve.”

Considering working with NetSPI?
Here’s what Phil would tell you

“[NetSPI] helps me connect the dots, so we can describe [to our stakeholders] that it’s not just about our vulnerabilities, but how those vulnerabilities are going to or could impact the business and what we can do to address the risk going forward. 

The NetSPI team is always looking at ways to innovate and answer really tough questions.”