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With NetSPI you get an experienced team, leveraging
consistent and proven testing playbooks.

The Industry Leader in Penetration Testing

We conduct more than 100,000 hours of testing every year and we’re changing pen testing entirely. We make it easier to track trends and improve your vulnerability management program. Our security experts author one of the industry’s top security blogs. And we’re trusted by seven of the top 10 US banks. Why? Because our people, our processes, and our technology are unrivaled.

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Our Strengths


Increase testing efficiency by 40%


Detection in depth is as important as defense in depth


Comprehensive, methodical, process-driven approach


Expert team has the knowledge and certifications you need


Top penetration testing and cybersecurity software company


Accurate, documented results and actionable recommendations

Penetration Testing as a Service

First-class delivery is a core tenet of the NetSPI experience. Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) gives you real-time visibility into everything NetSPI is doing, allows you to secure your environments continuously throughout the year, and puts you back in the driver seat of your penetration tests. Learn how you can scale your security testing and maintain full control here.

Feliks Beygel

Director of Cloud Operations

“The results we’ve received from NetSPI are higher quality – they’re real issues and not just automated scan results. A lot of times, we feel other pentesting companies run an automated scan and just send us a report full of false positives or non-material issues.”

“Since the results are a much higher quality, our team doesn’t have to spend significant time filtering through the results. We only get the important issues – so our time and energy are focused on what matters.”

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Consistent Processes

Process is engrained in our culture. From project management workflows and practitioner guides to standardized checklists and testing playbooks, we have formalized quality assurance and oversight, so we can deliver consistent results.

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Baird Juckett

Executive Director,
VP of Technology

“After just one year of working with NetSPI, they have certainly improved our external-facing posture. NetSPI made substantive suggestions that have helped us be more secure.”

“Having a third-party perspective is always useful, especially in this case where pen testing is NetSPI’s domain of expertise. I’ve been through multiple pen tests over the years, and I’ve been very pleased with the breadth and depth of the work NetSPI has done for us and the ease of reporting and reviewing of results.” Read the full customer success story.

System of Record

Our purpose-built vulnerability management platform, NetSPI Resolve™, is the single source of truth for all vulnerability data regardless of its source. The platform aggregates, normalizes, and correlates automated security scanner outputs and manually identified vulnerabilities, streamlining the security testing lifecycle. This allows us to scale to test hundreds or even thousands of applications with multiple ongoing projects simultaneously.

Learn more about NetSPI Resolve™.

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