Filling the Void – QIR Program

The PCI Council recently announced a new certification program called the Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) Program. In my opinion this fills a gap that has existed for specific environments which typically reflects negatively on merchants or service providers that purchase off-the-shelf payment application solutions. Using a PA-DSS validated payment application is a requirement for merchants as is using it in a PCI-DSS compliant manner. However, the issue appears when resellers or integrators may not be fully aware of how their implementation plan and methods impact the merchant; the entity ultimately responsible for compliance. The issue then manifests during a QSA lead assessment when it is discovered that the system was not implemented properly per the Implementation Guide (segmentation efforts were negated, etc). As a QSA this is a hard conversation to have with my clients, especially since this usually means a non-compliant assessment and the merchant has to spend additional time or resources to resolve the issue. Now I understand that this certification program is not going to solve everything, but having integrators and resellers that are trained similar to PA-QSA’s and QSA’s just helps everyone involved in the process to be on the same playing field. This results with the merchants and service providers reaping the largest slice of Benefit Pie. Questions will come up whether this program will be worth it or if it is going to last since all indications lean towards this program being voluntary. While I get that the PCI Council’s official list of certified integrators and resellers may not be the first place the merchant or service providers go when selecting their next Point of Sale (POS) system (application features versus QIR certified reseller), they can insist that the POS vendor use QIR certified integrators, since in the end it is the merchant or service provider’s compliance status on the line. While still a little scarce since it has not been rolled out just yet, more information on the QIR Program can be found on the PCI Council’s QIR program site at The Council will also be having a webinar August 16 and again on August 29. Additional information can be found at the PCI Council’s Training Webinar page.

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