Vulnerability Alert: FCKeditor Arbitrary File Upload

The worst kind of vulnerability in your environment is the one you don’t know exists. The “FCKeditor Arbitrary File Upload” issue seems to be just such a vulnerability. The purpose of this blog entry is to increase awareness of this issue and provide companies with sources for remediation options. The “FCKeditor Arbitrary File Upload” vulnerability provides attackers with a method to upload arbitrary files (such as web-based shells), and execute commands on affected servers. However, privileges are limited to those assigned to the web server service account or user. The issue was originally identified being exploited in the wild during July of 2009. Since that time it has become a common finding during NetSPI ASV assessments and penetration tests. Unfortunately, many vulnerability scanners still don’t find this issue. As a result, many companies are unaware that it exists in their environment, even though they subscribe to vulnerability scan services. However, this doesn’t have to be an invisible threat. Be sure to contact your vulnerability scanning vendor to make sure that they have a plug-in to identify this issue. In the meantime, I’ve provide some links that contain more information about the vulnerability and how to fix it in your environment.


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