PTaas Pro is now offered as part of AppSec as a Service. Learn more about AppSec as a Service.

During our penetration testing engagements, we frequently hear from clients that it is difficult to manage the large volume of vulnerabilities we discover. While on the one hand, this is what we are hired to do, for our clients, it poses some challenges. Now, with Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) we’ve made it easier than ever to consume, understand, and manage the large number of results we deliver to our clients with our penetration tests. And with PTaaS+, we’ve extended those benefits by directly integrating with your ticketing systems and allowing you to perform the full remediation lifecycle inside of Resolve™, our threat and vulnerability management platform.

What are you supposed to do when NetSPI isn’t the only source of vulnerability discovery for your organization? It’s extremely important to correlate and deduplicate vulnerabilities from all your data sources, not only to reduce noise but to save frustration from your engineering teams by reducing duplicates and false positives, and providing consistent, up-to-date guidance.

PTaaS Pro solves this problem by providing Resolve’s full suite of Threat and Vulnerability Management capabilities to our penetration testing clients. PTaaS Pro is an extremely valuable tool for security programs of all sizes, and provides many benefits, including:

Manage Internal and Third-Party Vulnerabilities

PTaaS Pro gives you the ability to manage all your organization’s vulnerabilities, not just those that NetSPI discovers. Yes, that even means vulnerabilities discovered by our competition. Resolve can integrate with over 30 vulnerability scanners, your CMDBs, and all your internal ticketing systems to have a consolidated warehouse for all vulnerabilities.

Reduce In-house Penetration Testing Times by up to 30 Percent

Resolve is a powerful tool for internal penetration testing teams, allowing them to coordinate project management for tests, standardize and enforce processes through checklists, correlate and deduplicate their automated and manual findings, and generate reports with the click of a button. One of the reasons NetSPI performs the highest quality penetration testing in the industry is because Resolve removes the hassle from testing, allowing your team to focus on finding vulnerabilities.

We’re More Than a Vendor – We’re You’re Partner

When launching PTaaS Pro with your organization, NetSPI connects you with our team of industry experts, including former CISOs, vulnerability managers, and security experts. Together we work to integrate Resolve and NetSPI into your security processes. Every step of the way you’ll have access to first-hand experience and guidance on how to optimize and improve your security program.

PTaas Pro is now offered as part of AppSec as a Service. Learn more about AppSec as a Service.