Spring always marks a fresh start for NetSPI because we hold our Employee Kickoff, an in-person event that gives us a chance to get together in person, align on our direction for the year, and ignite inspiration for the challenges and successes ahead.

This year was especially memorable as we celebrated the launch of The NetSPI Platform, the proactive security solution used to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance. Plus, we revealed our new and improved brand and positioning which better articulates who we are today, while staying true to the NetSPI legacy. 

We had the opportunity to take our Employee Kickoff on the road, starting with the US and Canada teams, then to the UK, and lastly to India. Each stop on our 2024 tour presented unique moments — none of which would be possible without the people who power NetSPI.  

Our mission is to create moments of magic that result in game changing outcomes for our customers.  

To us, this means going beyond what is expected to deliver an experience that feels special, delightful, and memorable. Every employee at NetSPI, regardless of their role, asks themselves, “How can I turn this into a moment of magic for our customers?” 

This year more than ever before, we’re challenged with securing the most trusted brands on Earth. And I assure you, the team you see at NetSPI is ready to step up to the plate.

Proactive Security Allows Us to Walk Alongside Our Customers 

Defensive, offensive, proactive… all of these terms have meaning in the security industry, but one stood out to us as aligning with NetSPI’s purpose: proactive security.  

Security leaders deserve a partner who cares, who works collaboratively through the challenges they’re facing, and who walks alongside them to find a solution. Our Employee Kickoff helped us align on proactive security as a company and walk forward together with this shared vision.  

NetSPI is the proactive security solution used to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance, so you can protect what matters most to you and your customers. 

Continued Innovation Equips Us to Secure the Most Trusted Brands on Earth 

We simply cannot secure the most trusted brands on Earth without continued innovation and transformation. If there is one message I’d want each of our employees to take from the Employee Kickoff events, it’s this. 

To reiterate this, we welcomed Thorsten Stremlau, Systems Principal Architect at NVIDIA, to the stage. Thorsten spoke about the AI-driven innovations he’s supported to improve quality of life for those diagnosed with ALS. He drove home the security community’s role in enabling companies like NVIDIA to innovate with confidence and make meaningful impacts in people’s lives.  

One critical innovation that is moving the needle for NetSPI and our customers is the launch of The NetSPI Platform. Announced on May 1, 2024, the unified platform for proactive security is bringing together all NetSPI solutions – penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), attack surface management (ASM), and breach and attack simulation (BAS) – under one interface to bring efficiencies, data insights, and telemetry like no other firm in the industry can. 

The Employee Kickoff tour was our opportunity to celebrate all of the brilliant minds behind The NetSPI Platform just weeks before we revealed it to the world. 

Our Value Lies within the People behind Our Products 

You can build a top-notch product, but when it comes down to it, it’s people that will make or break a successful company. We hear time and time again that NetSPI’s people set the standard of service for engagement across the industry. Between deep expertise and tailored communication, our security experts set the bar high for what a customer experience should be.

Our team relies on innovation, collaboration, and delivery as shared values in any engagement we’re part of. Our Employee Kickoff helped us highlight a handful of key individuals and teams who’ve made a significant impact at NetSPI.

Kurtis Shelton, Director, AI/ML Pentesting 

Kurtis and his team led the charge to develop a cross-functional automation working group responsible for sketching out and prototyping technology focused on automation, AI and machine learning in products. 

Sam Beaumont

Sam Beaumont, Director, Transportation, Mobility & Cyber-Physical Systems, and Larry (Patch) Trowell, Director, Hardware and Embedded Systems

These two are at the helm of innovation in securing critical infrastructure and integrated hardware systems. It goes without saying that a breach in these systems can have catastrophic consequences, and the work our team is doing in this area brought major advances to NetSPI’s methodology for protecting critical infrastructure.

Giles Inkson

Giles Inkson, Director, Services – EMEA

Giles was instrumental in earning NetSPI’s CBEST accreditation, which helped us become a true partner in the UK’s financial ecosystem. Our experience with TIBER and DORA frameworks already allowed us to perform Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red Teaming, and now our CBEST accreditation aligns us with cybersecurity standards across the globe.

Jake Karnes, Senior Technical Architect

Jake and his team are leading the charge with NetSPI’s technical enablement to upskill the security experts of today and tomorrow. His team’s approach to systematic training in NetSPI’s key solutions brings a tangible methodology to cross-train our team and help address the skills shortage plaguing the industry.

Naveen Ramesh

Naveen Ramesh, Security Consultant II

Naveen took home NetSPI’s Innovate Award because of his exceptional ability to navigate tricky challenges and guide his team through complex projects. He excels at helping his teammates overcome hurdles, deepening their understanding of the processes involved and fostering a collaborative work environment. His dedication to both client communication and team development defines him as a true innovator at NetSPI.

Melissa (Mel) Miller, Senior Technical Manager

Last but not least is Mel Miller, who earned NetSPI’s Founders Award, a well-deserved recognition of her relentless commitment to NetSPI as a whole, and specifically NetSPI University, a training program that equips security practitioners with cybersecurity skills as they enter the workforce or shift their careers. Mel is a shining example of the standard of service NetSPI sets in the industry. 

All This to Say, NetSPI’s Impact Matters 

The impact that NetSPI has on the world matters. It matters for business continuity, nation-state security, and people’s livelihood. 

The attacks NetSPI protects our customers from can be devastating for businesses and people alike. They can lead to massive financial losses and disruption in operations that can quite literally put companies out of business.  

In fact, the recent Change Healthcare breach hit me close to home when my sister wasn’t able to fill a prescription for my nephew because the system that brokers transactions from payer to provider was shut down. Events like this aren’t bound by industry or tech stack. Whether it’s healthcare, AI and machine learning, or critical infrastructure, securing these systems is paramount in light of the real and active risks facing organizations today. 

Our Employee Kickoff was a time for us to reignite our inspiration for securing the most trusted brands on Earth. The people, processes, and technology behind NetSPI are the reason we’re able to create moments of magic.  

Thank you to everyone on our team today, and to those who will join us in the future. You are what makes it possible for NetSPI to bring a proactive approach to cybersecurity with more clarity, speed, and scale than ever before.