The cybersecurity industry is at a pivotal moment. Organizations require visibility into assets that need to be protected, prioritization of issues to remediate first, and easy-to-understand reporting on proactive security measures. NetSPI has been tackling these issues head on and is prepared to lead the path forward with proactive security.  

With deep roots in penetration testing, plus consistent recognition for our people, process, and technology by global analyst firms (see: GigaOm ASM Radar Report), NetSPI is uniquely positioned to help security teams take a proactive approach to security with more clarity, speed, and scale than ever before. 

Last year brought strategic changes to NetSPI, allowing us to double down on meaningful innovation with Chief Product Officer Vinay Anand at the helm. Today we’re introducing The NetSPI Platform, the proactive security solution used to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance. Plus, a refreshed brand that stays true to our legacy and puts our customers and our team front and center. 

Take a look at how we arrived here and join us on this journey to secure the most trusted brands on Earth.  

Inspiration for the evolution 

The impact cybersecurity has on the world is exponential. The cyber attack on Change Healthcare served as a wake-up call, proving the point that cybersecurity can no longer be reactive; it must shift to proactive. 

The massive attack didn’t just take Change Healthcare offline, but it also threatened our economy and means of survival. It prevented small healthcare providers from getting compensated for their services, wiping some of them out of business. More importantly, it stopped patients from accessing vital medication and medical care, jeopardizing their well-being.  

For me, this cyber attack hit close to home, with my nephew unable to access his prescription needed for a medical condition. Situations like this fuel our mission to bring proactive security to the forefront of the C-suite’s agenda. 

The impact of a cyber attack today is unlike ever before — and the only way we can stand up to the challenge is through collaboration across the industry, innovation in processes, and delivery of improved technology to address today’s risks. 

With this challenge as our inspiration, NetSPI reinforced our true purpose and mission:  

  • Purpose: Secure the most trusted brands on Earth.  
  • Mission: Create moments of magic that result in game-changing outcomes for our customers. 

We’ve made massive advancements such as transitioning from traditional point-in-time testing to technology-enabled proactive security, and developing a new technology foundation that allows us to address the challenges today’s security leaders face: discovering, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities of the highest importance.  

We shifted away from “offensive” security to “proactive” security to better align with our customers who face insurmountable pressure in the never-ending battle to secure systems. The solutions we provide are intended to support defensive teams, not to discourage. We are an ally to defensive teams, not an enemy. To us, proactive security means:  

  1. Accurate and thorough discovery of known and unknown assets in the IT estate. 
  2. Prioritization of the vulnerabilities to fix first based on a thorough understanding of the environment and risks that truly impact the business. 
  3. Remediation advice that can be expedited by building integrations with customer systems, giving you guidance on what to fix, how to fix it faster, and how to ensure the effectiveness of the fix. 

In addition, to be truly proactive, this needs to happen in real time and continuously, an objective NetSPI is relentlessly committed to.  

Introducing: The NetSPI Platform 

With expertise across Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), Attack Surface Management (ASM), and Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), NetSPI is well-positioned to advance proactive security. The NetSPI Platform is a unified solution used to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance. We built The NetSPI Platform to help teams succeed at continuous threat and exposure management, while scaling solutions to enhance their security maturity over time.  

What can customers expect as they gain access to The NetSPI Platform? True activation of PTaaS in a way no other proactive security company can. This means all of the functionality our Resolve pentesting and vulnerability management platform had, in addition to:  

  • Asset inventory: Using our combination of commercial, open-source, and proprietary scanning tools, we discover known and unknown assets such as domains, IP addresses, cloud accounts, ASNs, and more. 
  • Attack paths and narratives: It can be difficult to see how all the pieces come together to lead to an exposure or asset. To help with this, The NetSPI Platform has attack paths and narratives with supporting visuals to highlight the exact user journey that was required to discover that item. 
  • Expanded integrations: The NetSPI Platform integrates with ticketing systems, asset management tools, vulnerability scanners, and more for easy, improved time to remediation. You can also use an API to instantly connect the tools you use with simple integration guides – no coding needed. 

In a world where point-in-time penetration testing is table stakes, we’re helping customers go beyond check-the-box security and shift from one-off projects to proactive security programs.  

Later this year, customers can expect to see new risk prioritization and exposure management capabilities in The NetSPI Platform and telemetry across PTaaS, ASM, and BAS. The NetSPI Platform will significantly improve our ability to build new products faster, deliver better outcomes, and secure and operationalize delivery. 

Elevating the credibility of The NetSPI Agents 

The NetSPI Platform needed the right branding to accurately depict what it’s like to work with NetSPI. Customers tell us time and time again that the quality of insights and seamless experiences they have with our security experts are what sets NetSPI apart. We know the people at NetSPI are the heart of our organization, and we felt it was the right time to give our team the recognition they deserve. 

We’re introducing The NetSPI Agents to authentically differentiate the level of expertise our people bring and reinforce NetSPI’s reputation as the best-in-class proactive security partner. This team sets the bar high and continues to raise it. 

Behind the scenes: NetSPI’s photoshoot 

To steer away from the dark hooded figures and stock photos commonly found in cybersecurity, we wanted to lean into our authenticity and show that we’re allies to our customers and partners. We held a photoshoot with our actual team members to put our people front and center. People are our number one differentiator, so our photography focuses on our approachable and team-oriented security experts, diligently safeguarding our customers’ networks. 

While the name is new, the actions behind it stay the same. The changes we’re introducing simply reflect what we’ve always seen from interactions with our security experts. The NetSPI Agents possess deep domain knowledge ranging from web applications to artificial intelligence and they’re committed to going above and beyond to deliver moments of magic for our customers.  

Unveiling The NetSPI Advantage 

We leaned into the current state of cybersecurity as inspiration to help us define The NetSPI Advantage. The goal was not to change NetSPI’s DNA, but clearly articulate what we do, why we do it, and how we can amplify it. From this workshop emerged “The NetSPI Advantage,” our brand narrative. 

The NetSPI Advantage 

In today’s world where all of our most important assets are online, business success depends on customer and employee trust.   

Revolutionary advancements in AI, increased demand for cloud computing, and a new age for digital identity are a few of the trends that make today’s technology landscape the most exciting we’ve seen in decades.   

But when security can’t keep up with the pace of innovation, your ability to deliver bottom-line results is at stake. And when you can’t deliver results with security and confidence, you risk losing the trust you’ve built with your team and your customers.   

At NetSPI, we are your allies in the battle for trust. We accelerate cybersecurity at scale so you can protect your priorities, perform better, and move faster.  

NetSPI is the proactive security solution used to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance, so you can protect what matters most to you and your customers.  

But The NetSPI Advantage goes beyond check-the-box security; it brings together dedicated security experts, intelligent process, and advanced technology to contextualize the priorities that will have the biggest impact on your business. Unlike other vendors, we go beyond the noise to deliver high impact results and recommendations based on your business needs and objectives.   

By pairing our unique combination of people, process, and technology with decades of insights and experience, NetSPI ensures you’re taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity with more clarity, speed, and scale than ever before.  

With the full force of NetSPI in your corner, you can navigate rapid innovation with confidence, while protecting the trust you’ve worked so hard to build. To put it simply, we go beyond for our customers, so you can go beyond for yours.   

Your team and your customers deserve peace of mind.  

They deserve to be secure.  

And you deserve a good night’s sleep.

The most trusted products, services, and brands are secured by NetSPI. 

A first look at the updated NetSPI brand 

In an industry where others prey on fear, uncertainty, and doubt, NetSPI is a breath of fresh air. We made the decision to update our look and feel with the goal of moving away from the industry stigma that offensive and defensive teams are at odds with one another. Our updated branding reflects the trust and optimism that NetSPI brings to cybersecurity with an evolution that accurately captures who we are today and who we’ll become in the future. 

“We want to take a conscious step away from fear, uncertainty, and doubt – and we want to stand out by evoking a feeling of trust through connection. NetSPI is an ally to the defenders, our customers, and their organizations – this new branding helped us nail that sentiment.”  

Heather Rubash
Chief Marketing Officer

Logo: A new era for NetSPI 

This is an evolution of our logo with a bold, legible, and simple “N” monogram to accurately tell the story of building trust through connection. The typography of the wordmark is seamlessly integrated with the headline font, which is consistently used throughout the brand. 

The new NetSPI logo

Color palette: Evoking modern sophistication 

Our revised color palette conveys a sense of professional poise and understated confidence by emphasizing blue with orange accents that nod to the vibrancy of technology. The palette achieves a layer of sophistication through its restrained selection, complemented by subtle hints of faded green and chestnut. 

The new NetSPI colors

Typeface: Friendly meets professional 

Our new font choice strikes a balance between a bold technological feel and a professional elegance. By combining modernity with sophistication, it contributes to a cohesive and dynamic brand identity.   

The new NetSPI font

Nodes: Reinforce trust through connection 

The node serves as a central visual motif, showing connection, transparency, and the intersection of people and technology. They reinforce the theme of trust, agility, and transparent communication as they intertwine photography and visual elements across the brand. 

The new NetSPI nodes

Website: Tying it all together  

All of these elements culminate in a cohesive brand representation on the new NetSPI website. With real photos of The NetSPI Agents, enhanced filtering of resources, and a dedicated page for The NetSPI Platform, our website reflects the connection between people, process, and technology that NetSPI is known for. 

Equipped with a strong brand reflective of NetSPI’s evolution while remaining true to our legacy, customers can walk confidently alongside us on the path to proactive security.  

Are you with us? 

At NetSPI, we believe:  

  • Industry-wide collaboration is key to standing up to today’s cyber threats. 
  • Innovation in intelligent processes will collectively push us further than ever before. 
  • Delivery of advanced technology will have the biggest impact on your team’s ability to discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance. 

We are NetSPI. And we exist to secure the most trusted brands on Earth. Are you with us?