Headshot of Erik Nost

Erik Nost

Guest Speaker, Senior Analyst / Forrester

Erik Nost is a senior analyst at Forrester serving security and risk (S&R) professionals. His coverage includes vulnerability risk management, threat modeling and management, and penetration testing. Erik helps Forrester clients build strategies to increase cybersecurity maturity and decrease vulnerabilities in their environment.

Erik has over a decade of experience managing banking operations fintech products and leading S&R programs for a large credit union. Prior to joining Forrester, he led the infosec risk team at Digital Federal Credit Union, where he aligned the program with NIST 800-53, NIST CSF, and FFIEC CAT frameworks. He implemented products and programs to improve risk postures surrounding cloud migrations, brand reputation vulnerabilities, security training, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, incident response, vulnerability management, third-party risk, regulatory environments, and threat assessments. Erik leveraged his years managing operations and fintech teams to balance business need vs. customer experience vs. security requirements.