019 – Tech Resiliency Amid COVID-19 and Criteria for an Investment-Worthy Company

Gus Alberelli, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Sunstone Partners

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In this episode of Agent of Influence, Nabil connects with technology investor Gus Alberelli, co-founder of Sunstone Partners. They discuss the economic and societal impact of today’s COVID-19 pandemic compared to 9/11, the resiliency of the technology sector, key criteria of an investment-worthy company, and their favorite soccer memories. Gus discusses the resiliency of the technology industry amid COVID-19 and what makes a company worthy of an investment.
A podcast hosted by:
Nabil Hannan
NetSPI Managing Director
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.