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Host-Based Security: Staying Secure While Your Employees Work from Home

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Your employees were probably working from home more and more anyway, but the COVID-19 situation has taken work from home to a whole new level for many companies. Have you really considered all the security implications of moving to a remote workforce model?

Chances are you and others are more focused on just making sure people can work effectively and are less focused on security. But at times of crisis – hackers are known to increase their efforts to take advantage of any weak links they can find in an organization’s infrastructure.

Host-based security represents a large surface of attack that continues to grow as employees become increasingly mobile and work from home more often. Join our webinar to make sure your vulnerability management program is covering the right bases to help mitigate some of the implicit risks associated with a remote workforce.

Discover how NetSPI ASM solution helps organizations identify, inventory, and reduce risk to both known and unknown assets.