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Cloud Pentesting Uncovered: Real Stories, Practical Solutions 

Whether it’s AWS, Azure or Google cloud, security teams face challenges such as misconfigurations, human error and weak infrastructures.

Join Director of EMEA Services Sam Kirkman and Senior Cloud Security Consultant Nick Lynch on this webinar for their takes on identifying vulnerabilities across the cloud, with helpful details on how our team assesses cloud infrastructures, finds gaps and helps remediate issues for a stronger security posture.

Key talking points:

  • How to reduce organisational risk and improve cloud security
  • Ways to identify vulnerabilities, credentials and misconfigurations
  • Comparing cloud pentesting findings to other testing
  • Real-world engagements and examples of exposures
  • Benefits of cloud pentesting

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Discover how NetSPI ASM solution helps organizations identify, inventory, and reduce risk to both known and unknown assets.