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Automated Social Engineering for the Antisocial Engineer

NetSPI’s Patrick Sayler originally gave this presentation at BSides Portland, but don’t miss this extended cut version!

While modern technical controls and protections can thwart basic phishing attempts, phone communication remains a lucrative avenue for would-be attackers. This is a typical route used to gain a foothold into an environment via an unsuspecting employee. However, this time-consuming manual process makes documenting and using your social engineering results difficult.

Fortunately, existing interactive voice response (IVR) technology can help solve this problem. While these systems are typically used to assist people, we could also leverage them to attack.

The abundance of cloud-based services makes this easy to accomplish and even easier to expand upon with your own custom scenarios, all while capturing respondent information. This presentation will cover how to take existing, off-the-shelf tools and configure them to build your own social engineering “robot.”

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