Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile applications can put at risk internal systems, processes, and data. NetSPI’s penetration testing service identifies security vulnerabilities and helps ensure mobile application security.

The NetSPI Difference

NetSPI delivers industry-leading penetration testing expertise and a vulnerability
management platform that makes penetration test results actionable.
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A collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest
quality of work

Consistent processes with formalized quality assurance and oversight deliver consistent results
Technology allows more focus on testing and scales to large engagements and multiple ongoing projects
Actionable guidance by a trusted partner from the start of the engagement to the end of remediation

Improve mobile app security with a security assessment by NetSPI

The pressure to quickly get a mobile app to market can lead to weak security and a lack of penetration testing. NetSPI identifies vulnerabilities in your mobile application infrastructure that make your organization susceptible to an external or internal threat.

During our mobile application security assessment, NetSPI will evaluate client-side and backend server functionality for vulnerabilities, and provide actionable guidance for remediation and for improving application risk posture.

Our processes and platform allow our penetration testers to focus on identifying 20% more vulnerabilities at a higher criticality than other application penetration testing services.

Our Mobile Application Security Assessment Service

NetSPI will test your mobile application on Android and/or iOS for vulnerabilities. We manually test for security controls in four essential areas: file system, memory, network communications, and GUI. We test for the OWASP Top 10 and much more.

Anonymous Testing

  • Non-credentialed user
  • Application client binary
  • Application server & web components
  • Mobile device, network & server layers
  • Automated scanners
  • Manual verification

Authenticated Testing

  • Credentialed users by type
  • Automated & manual processes
  • Elevate privileges
  • Gain access to restricted functionality
  • Manual verification


What Is the OWASP Mobile Top 10?

In addition to identifying application logic weaknesses, your mobile application security testing service will target OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities.

The OWASP Mobile Top 10 is a list of the most critical security risks to mobile applications, identified by an industry consensus. Adopting the OWASP Mobile Top 10 in your mobile app development and security assessment processes is a strong step in improving mobile application security for your business, your partners, and your customers.

OWSAP Mobile Top 10

M1 Improper Platform Usage
M2 Insecure Data Storage
M3 Insecure Communication
M4 Insecure Authentication
M5 Insufficient Cryptography
M6 Insecure Authorization
M7 Client Code Quality
M8 Code Tampering
M9 Reverse Engineering
M10 Extraneous Functionality

Pentesting Research and Tools

Learn about penetration testing on our blog, our open-source penetration testing toolsets for the infosec community, and our SQL injection wiki.

Benefits of Mobile Application
Penetration Testing

Pentest your applications to:

Avoid breaches

Discover your vulnerabilities and exposure, before a breach occurs.

Achieve compliance

Meet application security testing requirements from a third-party.

Improve security

Learn how to strengthen your software development process.

Augment your team

Get a fresh set of eyes from penetration testing experts.

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