Secure Code Review (SCR) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Identify Application Security vulnerabilities earlier in your SDLC
at the source code level.

The Evolution of AppSec Programs Makes Secure Code Review and Static Application Security Testing Even More Critical

Secure Code Review (SCR) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) are essential security touchpoints in any Secure SDLC as an effort to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle. As Application Security Programs evolve and take a more strategic approach to their security needs, frequently they find need for some level of secure code review in order to have security shift left in their SDLC and identify and remediate vulnerabilities (and in some cases prevent vulnerabilities) during the software development phase.

Our service offerings around Secure Code Review (SCR) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) enables Application Security teams and Software Development teams to leverage the appropriate level of secure code review services to detect, validate and resolve security issues based on the business criticality and risk profile of their applications.

The NetSPI Difference

NetSPI delivers industry-leading penetration testing expertise and a vulnerability management platform that makes penetration test results actionable.

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A collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest quality of work
Consistent processes with formalized quality assurance and oversight deliver consistent results
Technology allows more focus on testing and scales to large engagements and multiple ongoing projects
Actionable guidance by a trusted partner from the start of the engagement to the end of remediation

The Need for Static Analysis and Secure Code Review

As development sprints approach warp speed, the popular adoption of the DevSecOps culture, and a shift to the CI/CD pipelines, if security vulnerabilities are not detected and addressed earlier through Secure Code Review and SAST techniques, the cost of remediating these vulnerabilities can increase exponentially. It’s starting to be expected that security is an emergent property of software being built today and doing secure code review ensures that security is being built into the software before it is deployed to production.

SCR and SAST techniques inspect the source code (and compiled code) to identify security bugs with full visibility into how an application is stitched together. There are many vulnerabilities that are hard to detect during penetration testing, and Source Code Review can complement an organization’s penetration testing efforts to more comprehensively detect vulnerabilities and, in many cases, identify vulnerabilities that are not possible to discover during dynamic testing and analysis.

Performing Secure Code Review also allows developers to receive detailed and actionable remediation guidance consisting of industry recognized secure coding standards and practices.

Leverage NetSPI’s Secure Code Review and SAST Services Based on Your Business Objectives and Application Risk Profile

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

  • Static analysis performed with a combination of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools
  • All medium severity or higher vulnerabilities are manually reviewed by a security expert to triage and remove any false positives
  • Assessment report with easy to understand descriptions of the vulnerabilities, locations of the instances identified, and actionable remediation guidance

Supported Languages: Java, .Net (C#, ASP, VB), JavaScript Frameworks (Node, React JS, AngularJS), C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Ruby, Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C & Swift) and Go

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) – OWASP Top Ten

  • Everything described in our SAST offering above but reporting on only the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) – Triaging

  • Many organizations leverage SAST tools in their internal environment that addresses their Application Security Program’s secure code review needs
  • NetSPI can provide support to augment your organization’s Application Security Program and in triaging efforts to remove any false positive findings before the results are provided to development teams
  • Focus the efforts of the development teams on issues that need attention and remediation instead of having them burn their cycles trying to validate the exploitability of vulnerabilities
  • Provide development teams access to security consultants that can discuss remediation techniques and strategies with the appropriate stakeholders

Supported SAST Tools: Checkmarx (CxSAST), Veracode Static Analysis, Fortify on Demand (FOD) / Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA), AppScan Source, Coverity Static Application Security Testing (SAST), SonarQube, FindBugs and Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .NET (CAT.NET)

Secure Code Review (SCR)

  • Offering expanding on everything described in our SAST offering above
  • NetSPI will review source code manually to identify vulnerabilities that automated scanners cannot detect
  • Complex injection attacks, use of weak or improper encryption techniques, insecure error handling, authentication and authorization issues are some examples of vulnerabilities that are typically detected using manual techniques
  • Review the underlying frameworks and libraries that are being leveraged to build the application to determine if there are any known vulnerabilities that can be exploited based on how the application has been stitched together

Supported Languages: Java, .Net, SQL, JavaScript Frameworks, C/C++, PHP, Python

Secure Code Review (SCR) – OWASP Top Ten

  • Everything described in our Secure Code Review offering above but reporting on only the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities

Secure Coding and Remediation Instructor-Led Training

  • An add-on service made available to our clients after completion of any of our Secure Code Review (SCR) or Static Application Security Testing (SAST) engagement

  • For an audience of up to 20 students, NetSPI will provide a one-day instructor-led training course focused on the top five categories of vulnerabilities identified during engagements performed for the client

  • The class will discuss in detail each category of vulnerability, see organization specific code examples from recent assessments, and discuss remediation and mitigation techniques

  • Classes are delivered virtually using video conferencing solutions and in-person delivery is also available at an additional cost

Pentesting Research and Tools

Learn about penetration testing on our blog, our open-source penetration testing toolsets for the infosec community, and our SQL injection wiki.

NetSPI Brings Scale, Speed, and Agility to Your SCR and SAST Efforts

Organizations need ongoing access to the appropriate application security expertise and technology to support their application security program’s needs. NetSPI’s reputation for high quality delivery and security expertise is well known in the industry. The following are some of reasons that allow us to consistently deliver high quality work for our clients:


Our threat and vulnerability management platform allows you to manage all your security testing efforts through a single pane of glass. Review historical vulnerability trends and manage your assessment needs based on vulnerability data and appropriate risk tolerances.


Augment your team’s capacity with additional on-demand bandwidth to get better coverage across your application portfolio.


With pre-defined SLAs for each service offering, have the peace of mind that we will provide you results for your assessments in a timely manner.


Pivot your internal application security team’s focus and outsource the commoditized activities to NetSPI to seamlessly continue business as usual activities around code review while your internal team members can focus on any pressing security issues that need immediate focus.


We will not only review the vulnerabilities with the appropriate stakeholders within your organization, but also discuss the appropriate remediation strategies. As an add-on, NetSPI also provides customized instructor-led training class for up to 20 students, focused on reviewing vulnerabilities identified during an assessment, see client specific code examples, and review the recommended remediation techniques.

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