Attack Simulation Services

Companies continue to invest in security tools without fully testing their efficacy. NetSPI collaborates with you to assess your investment in real-life attack scenarios.

Adversarial Simulation

With double-digit growth in security technology investment, organizations need to ensure their technology and tools are installed and configured correctly. Adversarial Simulation is broader in scope than a Red Team security engagement and is intended to test for the most common tools, techniques, and procedures used by attackers and malware. NetSPI helps companies obtain a more comprehensive understanding of their ability to identify and respond to real-world threats and potential breach scenarios.

Red Team Security

Organizations continue to be concerned with the possibility of a breach. NetSPI provides real-world simulated attacks empowering your team to test incident response. The NetSPI Red Team Security service gives you a superior measure of the resiliency, detection, and responsiveness of your entire environment including protective, detective, and reactive controls that are in place – you see how your organization would respond to an actual threat.

Social Engineering

Employees are consistently one of the most susceptible entry points to an organization’s internal network. NetSPI uses custom tools to help address control gaps and misconfigurations that leave your company susceptible to compromise.


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