Website Security Testing

Automated vulnerability scanners are unable to test business logic. NetSPI’s ethical hacking team ensures you’re not losing 30% of your data – a crucial factor for website security.


The terms “vulnerability scan assessment” and “manual penetration test” are often used interchangeably due to marketing hype and sloppy use of terms like “scanning” – which is not penetration testing.  Automated vulnerability scanners are limited to scanning for known vulnerabilities and are unable to test the business logic of your website security. Deep-dive ethical hacking simulates the overt actions of an external, malicious attacker, producing more robust results on actual vulnerabilities.


NetSPI’s experienced ethical hackers, focused research, and proven processes help to ensure that risky attacks do not damage your website security. Our approach to application security testing leverages highly specialized tools, custom testing set-ups, and shrewd hacking techniques to identify and mitigate website security vulnerabilities. NetSPI provides your company with clear, actionable remediation instructions to improve your overall security posture.


  • NetSPI’s comprehensive coverage approach provides senior-consulting oversight on every project, enabling your company to leverage the expertise of our entire team of specialists to give you world-class consulting without impacting your budget
  • Our consulting services utilize NetSPI Resolve™ to automate vulnerability results, data aggregation, and reporting so our ethical hackers can focus on providing your organization 20% more vulnerabilities at a higher criticality than our competitors
  • Expert testing in reasonable time frame, and at a reasonable cost
  • Ability to work with a multitude of technologies, including cloud environments
  • Skilled, experienced manual ethical hackers
  • Mature, highly-disciplined, well-documented processes
  • A tester “playbook” containing the very latest attack methods, scripts, and techniques (our top-secret stuff)
  • A current-to-the-minute knowledge base
  • A broad set of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools
  • Detailed and actionable final remediation instruction and guidance


To learn more about testing the effectiveness of your organization’s detective and preventative controls, check out this blog post written by Ryan Wakeham.


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