Mobile Application Security

Mobile applications’ access to internal systems, processes, and data continues to grow. NetSPI’s deep-dive manual processes identify weaknesses and ensure mobile application security.


Securing mobile applications is more important than ever – they are being built faster than any other consumer technology in history, and the pressures of rapid development can lead to reduced security and privacy, and a lack of mobile app security testing tools.

Application development is highly susceptible to security vulnerabilities due to the huge premium on time-to-market. As a result, many companies are turning to outside, independent providers to design and build their mobile applications without vetting those developers’ security knowledge.

A growing number of subsidiary departments within larger organizations are flying under the corporate security radar and developing mobile applications without adequate consideration for secure coding practices.



NetSPI’s team consists of mobile application security experts with proven methods and tools to combat risks to both native and hybrid mobile applications on iOS, Android, and other legacy mobile operating systems.

We manually test for security controls in four essential areas: file system, memory, network communications, and GUI. The testing can be conducted on a live device or on emulator software.

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Some of the MOBILE APPLICATION security vulnerabilities checked for inCLUDE:
  • Insecure data storage
  • Weak server-side controls
  • Insufficient transport layer protection
  • Client-side injection vulnerabilities
  • Poor authentication and authorization
  • Improper session handling
  • Data flow issues
  • Side channel data leakage
  • Cryptography
  • Sensitive information disclosure



  • NetSPI’s comprehensive coverage approach provides senior-consulting oversight on every project, enabling your company to leverage the expertise of the entire team of specialists to give you world-class consulting without impacting your budget
  • Our consulting services utilize NetSPI Resolve™ to automate vulnerability results, data aggregation, and reporting so our ethical hackers can focus on providing your organization 20% more vulnerabilities at a higher criticality than our competitors
  • Expert testing in reasonable time frame, and at a reasonable cost
  • Skilled, experienced manual ethical hackers
  • Mature, highly-disciplined, well-documented processes
  • A tester “playbook” containing the very latest attack methods, scripts, and techniques (our top-secret stuff)
  • A current-to-the-minute knowledge base
  • A broad set of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools
  • Detailed and actionable final remediation instruction and guidance
  • Learn more from this Top 10 U.S. Bank case study

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