Application Security Testing

NetSPI’s team of application security testing experts specialize in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities across multiple operating systems and application types.

Website & Web Application Security Testing

Website and web application attacks are a primary source for data breaches. NetSPI’s application security testing leverages highly specialized tools, custom testing set-ups, and shrewd hacking techniques to identify and mitigate website security vulnerabilities. Whether your application is hosted internally, or in the cloud, NetSPI evaluates websites and specific web applications for security vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to your company with clear, actionable remediation instructions to improve your overall security posture.

Thick Client Application Security Testing

Global organizations continue to leverage thick client applications that house large amounts of sensitive data. NetSPI’s approach to Thick Client Assessments includes reviewing server-side controls, data communication paths, and potential client-related issues. NetSPI tests the security between the server and client to identify communication or encryption vulnerabilities in order to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their application security posture and how to improve it. For applications that are hosted, or use cloud services, NetSPI has an additional set of tests to ensure the application deployment and cloud environments are secure.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Organizations continue to increase their attack surface by extending sensitive data that can be accessed through mobile applications. NetSPI has extensive experience in securing all mobile OS technologies and provides a robust suite of testing services, including file system, memory, network communications, and GUI. NetSPI’s team consists of mobile application security experts with proven methods and tools to combat risks to both native and hybrid mobile applications on IOS, Android,  and other legacy mobile operating systems.

Static Application Security Testing

Building security into the SDLC is critical. NetSPI provides SAST services to validate the design and implementation of an application from the inside out. NetSPI performs an in-depth static code review (visual inspection, assessment scans, etc.) followed by an aggressive manual penetration testing process to verify suspected vulnerabilities.

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