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Organizations’ attack surface continuously changes. NetSPI has developed a framework that can be leveraged to measure and mature Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) Programs.


Many organizations conduct internal and external testing of web applications and network infrastructure, often times leveraging both internal resources and third-parties to do so.  While this testing is critically necessary and valuable, many organizations don’t take full advantage of these processes or results, primarily due to a lack of supporting TVM programs.

  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests produce data that needs to be evaluated and acted on accordingly
  • Having many disparate tools that ultimately do not work in a complimentary manner, in order to yield the desired outcomes
  • Organizations lack internal skill sets to make sense of security testing results, resulting in a failure to improve their security posture
  • In order to fully recognize Threat and Vulnerability Management effectiveness, it requires cooperation across many different disciplines within an organization
  • Lack of a clearly defined TVM framework to help define what activities need to occur and subsequently measure maturity and effectiveness
  • Senior security leaders often-times lack the tools and data necessary to communicate program effectiveness to C-level leadership and the Board


In order to fully recognize the value of your technical testing efforts and help ensure the greatest security posture for your organization, multiple TVM program elements need to work together harmoniously:

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  • NetSPI has developed a comprehensive framework which helps our clients thoughtfully consider the necessary elements of a Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) program:
    • Asset Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Software / Development Security
    • Technical Testing
    • Security Awareness
    • Incident Response
    • Threat Integration
    • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • The TVM framework can be used to provide guidance for organizations looking to build out new capabilities, or for those that are looking for ways to consistently measure maturity and progress
  • NetSPI’s TVM Program Workshop, can be used by organizations to quickly and cost-effectively gain an understanding of how their company aligns with industry leading practices
  • NetSPIs TVM Program (in-depth) Assessment, expands upon the TVM Program Workshop concepts to more deeply examine, through comprehensive interviews and analysis, how well an organization is executing on the necessary program elements


  • NetSPI’s TVM Program framework provides an industry leading method for measuring, maturing and continually improving
  • Our methodology, approach and experienced consultants, provide real-word, proven recommendations and partner with clients to help ensure success
  • Our Advisory Services are designed to not simply provide visibility into areas of needed improvement, but to also highlight areas where positive practices exist
  • Our experienced consultants understand that all organizations are created differently; our approach and recommendations are aligned with what makes sense for each client, while aligning with leading security practices