Medical device innovation has made great strides in the healthcare industry. From patient monitoring devices to accessibility technologies to surgical systems, there are countless ways we are using internet-connected technology to enhance patient care. 

As these products evolve, so do the cybersecurity requirements. How can security leaders build a medical device security program that keeps pace with innovation? 

Tune into this roundtable featuring Matt Russo, Senior Director of Product Security at Medtronic, Curt Blythe, Director of Product Security at Abbott, and Matt Weir, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE and co-author of the Playbook for Threat Modeling Medical Devices for key insights on: 

  • Foundational criteria for a medical device security program 
  • Getting business buy in 
  • The IoMT legislative landscape 
  • Updatability and best practices for managing device security 
  • How to build a successful vulnerability management program 

Whether you are responsible for manufacturing medical devices or implementing them in patient care, this discussion will be invaluable for any security or business leader looking to improve their medical device security program.