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NetSPI’s Head of Emerging Technology, Jake Reynolds, teamed up with Hacker Valley Studios for a sponsored episode on Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies.

Hacker Valley Studios chat with Jake about:

0:00 – Welcome Jake Reynolds
2:30 – What is a full stack engineer?
4:39 – Having a large cybersecurity attack surface
6:00 – Attack surface trends
8:29 – Do cloud engineers need to know networking?
10:12 – Levels of abstraction in the cloud and making sense of it
12:13 – Does bug bounty help you with your job?
15:49 – Will we see network exploits again?
16:53 – Special question from NetSPI
17:31 – Which emerging technologies are you watching?
20:30 – Have we really reached the max of ChatGPT hypes?
24:33 – What AI/ML capability does cybersecurity need?
27:28 – How do we stack the deck against the hackers?