Improve attack surface visibility

NetSPI ASM uses a combination of human intelligence and a variety of tools to discover, inventory, and manually test known and unknown assets and vulnerabilities on your external attack surface.  

Continuous monitoring of your external attack surface alerts you to assets, exposures, and potential vulnerabilities in real time, allowing you to drastically reduce risk. 

Manual validation, prioritization, and evidence verification information of findings eliminates alert fatigue, allowing your team to focus on what matters.

Learn about key technical details and benefits, such as:

  • Continuous external perimeter scanning  
  • Validation and prioritization 
  • Remediation assignments and SLAs  
  • Asset discovery 
  • Reporting and trend analysis 
  • Integrations 
  • Program management 
  • Custom vulnerability triggers  
  • Company hierarchy view  
  • Detailed discovery chain
  • Perceptual Hashing
  • Implementation and onboarding 

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