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Vulnerability Management and Orchestration

Resolve correlates all vulnerability data across your organization into a single view, so you can find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities faster.

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Find It, Fix It, Faster!

Find It, Fix It, Faster!

Most vulnerability management programs are being stretched beyond their safe limit. Remediation times are measured in months – not days or weeks. Chances are, you don’t know where you might be exposed.

Resolve correlates all your vulnerability data from across your organization into a single view. Resolve single view is combined with remediation workflows that let you fix vulnerabilities faster, and reduce your risk exposure.

Resolve’s Key Benefits

No more spreadsheets, get real reports
Resolve’s data aggregation provides a single system of record to track, prioritize, and report.

Fix faster, with less effort
Combine instances of the same vulnerability into a single ticket and standardize definitions and severity.

Streamline pentesting data
Bring third-party pentest results into your workflow, and provide in-house testers with tools to ensure consistency, track results, and consolidate data.

Get your priorities in order
Prioritize with your own severity ratings and use your own asset data to provide context.

Orchestrate your security efforts
Assign responsibilities, track SLAs, and verify compliance across your entire organization.

Resolves Key Benefits
How Resolve Works

How Resolve Works

  • Automatic ingestion from your data sources correlates all your vulnerabilities to provide single-pane visibility.
  • Correlation eliminates hours of wasted effort spent de-duplicating, matching, and tracking vulnerabilities in spreadsheets.
  • Resolve’s vulnerability database normalizes the vulnerabilities definitions and assigns severities with your criteria to help you prioritize what’s most important.
  • Resolve interface and integrations provide a centralized communication hub, so you can coordinate vulnerability management across teams and departments while they continue to use their own tools.

Resolve Features:

  • Data-agnostic source integration
  • Customizable knowledge library
  • Workspace for pentesters
  • Testing & remediation checklists
  • High-level dashboards
  • Automated report generation
  • Centralized communication hub
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Flexible implementation
Resolve Features
Resolve Features

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