On May 9, 2024, NetSPI’s proactive security platform launch and rapid growth in India was featured in The Times of India. Read the preview below or view it online.


High-growth cybersecurity company NetSPI accelerates hiring across product engineering and penetration testing teams.

Today, the impact of a cyber attack extends far beyond technological impacts. When a healthcare system goes down, people are unable to access care or medications. When an aviation company is hit by a ransomware attack, passenger safety is at risk.

Nation states are targeting the critical infrastructure that populations rely on.

Reacting to and mitigating attacks after they occur is an essential component of cybersecurity, but as the threat landscape evolves, companies must also evolve their mindset to continuously evaluate and strengthen their defenses and prevent attacks — before they occur. Now is the time to activate proactive security.

NetSPI is the proactive security solution, helping the most trusted brands on Earth discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities of the highest importance, so they can protect what matters most to them and their customers.

You can read the full article at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/netspi-accelerates-proactive-security-innovation-in-pune/articleshow/109984867.cms