SiliconANGLE: NetSPI bridges security gaps with new ML/AI pentesting solution

SiliconANGLE shared NetSPI’s announcement of AI/ML Penetration Testing on August 8, 2023 covering how the new solution brings a more holistic and proactive approach to safeguarding machine learning model implementations. Read the full story here.  


Cybersecurity services and software provider NetSPI LLC today announced a new machine learning and artificial intelligence penetration testing solution to bring a more holistic and proactive approach to safeguarding machine learning model implementations. 

Claimed to be the first of its kind, NetSPI’s ML/AI Pentesting solution focuses on two core components: identifying, analyzing and remediating vulnerabilities on machine learning systems such as large language models, and providing grounded advice and real-world guidance to ensure security is considered from ideation to implementation. 

NetSPI argues that with the current pace of machine learning and AI adoption, it’s vital for organizations to understand the distinct threats inherent in this technology, such as pinpointing weak spots and architecting more secure models. The new service is rooted in NetSPI’s adversarial machine learning testing methodology — the study of adversarial attacks on machine learning and corresponding defenses. 

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